Friday, June 17, 2016

Rekluse Announces EXP Clutch for Sportster

Rekluse just released their innovative EXP auto-clutch technology for Harley Davidson Sportster models 883 and 1200 (MY 2004-2016). These systems are designed to centrifugally engage and disengage the clutch as a rider takes off or comes to a stop. This feature allows riders to focus on riding without the potential for stalling while enhancing the overall riding experience and performance of the clutch. The clutch lever remains fully functional on all EXP clutch systems. Riders can manually disengage the clutch for shifting, aggressive starts, and most riding scenarios.

Provides the ability to take off and stop in gear without using the clutch lever
Improves low-speed maneuverability
Delivers smooth power transfer to the rear wheel and increases traction
Transfers more torque than an OE clutch system
Increases clutch pack life and durability

Available for:
Harley Davidson Sportster 883 &  1200 (2004 - 2016)

Part Number

Rekluse Motorsports