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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Twin Power Brings New Tension Reliever Manual Primary Chain Adjuster to Market

The new Tension Reliever Manual Primary Chain Adjuster
Twin Power continues to add to their growing line of aftermarket parts and accessories for V-Twin motorcycles. The newest addition is the Tension Reliever Manual Primary Chain Adjuster, designed to eliminate previous issues with keeping the primary chain at the right tension.
       “An overtightened primary chain is known to cause premature failure of the engine, transmission and primary bearing as well as to cause other complications,” says James Simonelli, Brand Manager for Twin Power. “This problem plagues 2006 Dyna as well as 2007 and later Harley Davidson Big Twin models. These motorcycles came equipped with an automatic, ratcheting primary chain tensioner, which is the culprit.”

Thursday, August 25, 2016

FIN Assists In Recovering Stolen 2014 Harley-Davidson Street Glide

Press Release: The Find It Now GPS theft recovery team received notice of a stolen 2014 Harley-Davidson Street Glide motorcycle. The FIN customer was on his way back home to Tennessee after attending Sturgis Bike Week with a friend, and stopped at a hotel for the evening. It was explained that the 2 riders positioned their motorcycles in an area of the parking lot which appeared to have adequate lighting and outside video cameras. The FIN customer woke up to alert messages on his phone that his bike was moved while he was asleep. He immediately looked outside to see his friends bike, but his was missing. Upon checking with hotel management to review anything that the exterior video cameras may have captured, he was told that the cameras on the property hadn't functioned properly in almost a year. He then immediately contacted Find It Now, and using the FIN GPS security device installed at the time of purchase, along with state-of-the-art software and tracking tools, a FIN theft recovery expert was able to pinpoint the location of the stolen motorcycle, ultimately found behind a closed thrift store, east of Springfield. FIN provided coordinates to responding officers, and upon their arrival, noticed the bike sitting behind the store, abandoned.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Canyon Carver Footpegs

DK Custom Products Canyon Carver Footpegs fit all stock HD and most custom control set-ups. American Cold Rolled Steel Axle & Clevis mount.  Spin freely, fixed in place, or anywhere in between! Adjustable set screw for different lateral angles. With a platform that is only 3.25", that extra .75" gives an increased lean angle! Sold in pairs.

DK-SGS-CCF $79.95

DK Custom Products

Winter Fuel Management

Fuel in bikes going into winter storage needs to be stabilized. However, in order to ensure peak performance when it’s time to ride in the spring, you need to do much more than just stabilize the fuel. In addition to preventing gum and debris formation, fuel must also be protected against moisture and octane loss. Ethanol-blended gasoline is especially susceptible to degradation because ethanol (alcohol) and gasoline cannot form a chemical bond. Within 30-45 days of blending, E10 begins to deteriorate, forming gums that cause engines to run rough or become difficult to start as the carburetors, fuel injectors, valves, rings and combustion chambers develop deposits. Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment stabilizes fuel for up to 2 years. But it does much more, actually improving fuel quality and engine performance. Star Tron's enzymes maintain fuel chemistry in all fuels, plus they also enhance fuel combustibility, break apart and disperse gums and other debris, maintain octane levels and treat moisture in fuel without the use of alcohol or other emulsifiers.
       Unlike traditional chemical-based stabilizers, Star Tron uses enzymes – reactants - that continue working until the fuel is consumed in the combustion chamber. Some traditional stabilizers may somewhat decrease fuel combustibility, causing engines to run a bit balky and smoky when they are put back in service in the spring. Star Tron's enzymes allow more oxygen to attach to hydrocarbon molecules, resulting in a more complete burn of the fuel charge, and as a result, ensure maximum power, improved fuel economy, prevention of deposits and decreased emissions.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bahn Fairing Mounted Mirrors

New Fairing Mounted Mirrors from Bahn provide upgraded style and rearview vision for Harley-Davidson Rushmore batwing fairings. Convex glass and a wider profile that extends further out from the fairing than the stock mirrors maximize field of vision. Contoured mirror heads are forged from premium 6061 aluminum and meet DOT-compliant size standards at 5’’ wide x 3-1/8’’ tall. A machined stainless steel ball and nylon socket provides smooth pivoting for easy adjustability and precise, firm positioning.
       Available in black anodized “Tuxedo” finish, Bahn Fairing Mounted Mirrors are direct replacements for ’14-’16 Street Glides, and include a drill template for installation on ’14-’16 Electra Glide and Tri Glide models.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Electronic Fuse Block

Big Bike Parts delivers a game changer in the standard for electrical accessory connections on motorcycles with their new Electronic Fuse Block. Designed with eleven terminal tie in points which are electronically protected by nine separaterelays and fuses. This fuse block is a compact 1 1/8’’ x 2 ¾’’ x 3 ¾’’ which easily mounts to the battery, eliminating all other direct battery connection needs and making accessory connection a breeze. The bike’s electrical system is protected by a20 amp fuse and separate 30 amp relay to isolate all your electrical accessories from the bike’s electrical system. Includes 3 keyed power connections, 2 always on power connections protected by a combination of 5 and 10 amp fuses. Separate left andright turn signal connection terminals, 2 running light and 2 brake light terminal blocks, all protected by four 8 amp 277 volt automatic switch relays for complete isolation. This universal wiring accessory is a must have when adding electricalaccessories to today’s modern electronic oriented bikes.

Big Bike Parts
More Info Here

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

100% Made in U.S.A. Spark Plug Wires a Working Man can Afford!

Sumax with Taylor developed the StreetThunder Wires to deliver great performance at an extremely affordable price: $19.99 set.  Plug wires feature a low resistance conductor that is wrapped in durable silicone double layer jacketing for heat protection, strength and durability.

Avon Tyres Offers 15,000-Mile Limited Tread Wear Warranty On Cobra And Storm 3D X-M

The popular Cobra touring and Storm 3D X-M sport touring tires are now backed by an exclusive 15,000-mile limited tread wear warranty program from Avon Tyres.
        "Both the Cobra and Storm 3D X-M offer the perfect combination of style and performance, and now come with the added confidence of a great warranty,” said Ken Warner, Vice President of Marketing for Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America.
        If the tire wears to the tread wear indicators within the first 15,000 miles of normal use, Avon Tyres will award a credit adjustment in the form of a prepaid card for the unused mileage. The warranty covers the tire for a maximum of two years from the date of purchase, and is available on tires purchased in both the U.S. and Canada.   

For warranty details, visit

       Certain terms and conditions apply. The warranty applies to the original purchaser when tires are installed by a retail motorcycle dealership and registered within 10 days of the original purchase. Incorrect inflation, off-road use, racing, sidecar application, and deliberate or malicious damage will invalidate the warranty.

About Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America

Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America, based in Stow, Oh. markets and sells Avon brand motorcycle tires in the United States and Canada. Avon tires are designed and manufactured for street and racing applications, from ultra wide tires featuring snakeskin effect sidewalls to ultra high-performance sport bike tires. Avon’s long history and heritage of innovation reaches back more than 100 years. Based in Melksham, England, Avon tires are built to perform and are engineered to high standards incorporating the latest in cutting-edge technology. For more information visit Connect on Facebook.

Monday, August 15, 2016

BikeMaster Adjustable Motorcycle Dolly Is the Perfect Space Solution

BikeMaster is making it easier to store your motorcycle than ever before by introducing their new Adjustable Motorcycle Dolly. Perfect for parking your motorcycle in a crowded garage or small storage space, this is the second dolly BikeMaster has introduced to their product line in the last year, giving riders more parking options than before.

Measuring 65 in. total length and able to handle 1,100 lbs. capacity, the adjustable motorcycle dolly is more stable than full-length dollies and features high-quality wheels and bearings for easier movement. It takes up less space than other dollies when not in use and is made from 8 mm heavy-duty, laser-cut plate steel. The kickstand arm adjusts to fit most motorcycles where the center of the rear wheel to kickstand measures 34-50 in. It also has two aluminum diamond plates to protect and keep dolly side stand rails looking great.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Black Satin Driving Kits for Victory Cross Country

For those Victory Cross Country riders that want to keep it dark, Big Bike Parts– now offers its 2 3/8’’ LED or Halogen Driving Light Kits in a black satin finish.  These compact driving light kits fit the Cross Country, Cross Tour, and Magnum models and include the lights, the mount, wiring, and an isolation relay to protect your bike’s electrical system.  The high-output, high intensity Litespan LED delivers 400 Lumens from its compact 12 volt 7 watt 6 LED output in a bright white 4000K color.  The halogen version delivers 50 watts from this compact 3 2/8’’ x 3 ¾’’ visored die cast light.  Both the lights and mounting brackets are finished in a deep black satin finish for that blacked out look. 
50 Watt Halogen Driving Light Kit – Black
Part # 30-102BK MSRP $179.95

400 Lumen LED Driving Lights – Black
Part # 30-102LBK MSRP $219.95