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Friday, June 24, 2016

Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation Universal Chop Chop Tour Paks

Press Release: We've taken our popular Chop Chop Tour Paks and made them even
better! The completely redesigned product now fits ALL touring models through 2017. The added beveled sides create a dramatic racy profile from front to rear and provide needed saddlebag lid clearance for the new Rushmore saddlebag lid design.

You also now have two tour pack lid designs to choose from, our classic lid or our NEW Wail Tail Lid! Paul had created the Wail Tail on a bike he built a few years ago and our customers have been asking  for it ever since! Well, that time has arrived and the all-new Wail Tail Tour Pak is available for your Bagger! The look of this totally unique winged pack is nothing short of sexy and it looks like it's doing 100 mph sitting still!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

ASA Electronics - JENSEN Power Sports

ASA Electronics has released the all new, HD1BT650 Harley-Davidson Replacement stereo package. It replaces the 5.25” speakers in the HD1BT525 by adding over an inch of booming sound with 6.5” speakers. Both the HD1BT stereo and the speakers fit into the existing fairing holes with the included adapter kit so there is no need to cut larger holes. Featuring Bluetooth, Sirius XM capabilities and a USB port, to name a few, this kit will not only look and sound excellent, it also has all of the features needed to make this summer on the road one to remember. 

For more information, contact Fred Roetker at

ASA Electronics

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Indian Running Hot? Problem Solved!

  • Cooling Relief Is Now Here For Indian Motorcycle Owners
  • Love Jugs To The Rescue, Just In Time For The Riding Season
  • Great Look Great Price Outstanding Performance

Hammerhead Engineering announces that its Love Jugs Cool-Master, the World’s Most Powerful V-Twin Engine Cooling System, is now available for the Indian Motorcycle as well as for Harleys.

Love Jugs patented Cool-Master for the Harley-Davidson motorcycle has taken the Harley World by storm. Harley owners around the world have been buying and loving their Love Jugs. Massive word of mouth as well as numerous highly favorable articles in the motorcycle media have propelled Love Jugs to be the most talked and highly desired product in the motorcycle marketplace.
Given the huge success in cooling Harleys V-Twin engines, Hammerhead has responded to the demands of Indian owners and is now making their amazing product available for the Indian. 

Kuryakyn L.E.D. Fairing Vent Accent

Add a punch of L.E.D. styling to Harley-Davidson batwing fairings with the new L.E.D. Fairing Vent Accent from Kuryakyn. This update to the popular unlit version illuminates H-D’s Slipstream vent with bright white L.E.D.s that emit a soft glow to enhance style and rider visibility. Cover the plain flat black vent with durable injection-molded ABS available in smooth chrome or gloss black finishes. Easy installation with plug-&-play wiring will have you back on the road with a fresh new look in no time.

Wild 1 Chubby Reapers

Looking for the ultimate custom 1 1/4  inch handlebars for your bike? Check out Wild 1 Inc’s new Chubby Reapers. Combining max comfort with attitude these Chubbys not only make your bike look badass but you feel better riding. The Reapers range in size from 10” to 16” and  like all Chubbys  they are drilled for internal wiring. They are made with the same double wall construction as all our other bars, with 1 ¼-inch diameter tubing. We take special care in the manufacturing process to make sure the inside corners are smooth so the electrical doesn’t get hung up during installation.
They’re available in show chrome, Satin black powder coat or a raw finish. The Reapers have been designed to fit most all H-D models. All Wild 1 Inc’s products are 100% made in the USA.

Wild 1 Inc.
(714) 536-5869

JIMS Motorcycle Lift Tool and Lubricant Tray

Motorcycle lifts are typically just big enough to hold the bike and get it up to a convenient level to perform service.  There is little space to keep tools, parts, fluids, chemicals, and sealants organized.  Even with a rollaway tool box, the limited area on the lift base can become cluttered and disorganized.  This durable powdercoated steel lift tray can keep parts and tools separated along with other necessary items.  This tray can easily be installed by simply drilling two 7/16” holes at the edge of your lift.  Once the holes are drilled, the tray is conveniently removable so tools and lubricants can be brought back and forth to your workbench.  Note, by drilling more than one set of holes, the tray can be used in multiple locations.  For use on Handy brand lifts and most other bike lifts with a 4” edge.  

Friday, June 17, 2016

Rekluse Announces EXP Clutch for Sportster

Rekluse just released their innovative EXP auto-clutch technology for Harley Davidson Sportster models 883 and 1200 (MY 2004-2016). These systems are designed to centrifugally engage and disengage the clutch as a rider takes off or comes to a stop. This feature allows riders to focus on riding without the potential for stalling while enhancing the overall riding experience and performance of the clutch. The clutch lever remains fully functional on all EXP clutch systems. Riders can manually disengage the clutch for shifting, aggressive starts, and most riding scenarios.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Magnaflow Enters The Danger Zone With Top Gun Slip-Ons

Press Release: MagnaFlow announces its touring model slip-on mufflers for Harley- Davidson motorcycles.
The Harley-Davidson V-twin engine has one of the most famous exhaust notes in the world. However, it is possible to get much more out of your machine. This is where the new 4 ½” Top Gun slip-on mufflers from MagnaFlow come in. They enhance that Harley sound with a deeper, thundering bass tone while taking the edge off at cruising RPM’s giving your bagger a distinctive richer sound quantity.
       Top Gun slip-ons are designed to fit 1995-2016 Harley-Davidson baggers for enhanced performance and sound. The secret to this lies in the Pro-Flow 3 step cores which work to improve power, torque and sound while filtering out the harsher, undesirable sound waves generating a deep, roaring, bass tone that people have come to expect from MagnaFlow. Top Guns are the perfect match for highly tuned engines that demand improved output or stock engines looking for that added edge making them the ideal upgrade of long haul, performance minded riders. Complete your upgrade by installing MagnaFlow head pipes for the ultimate performance, power and sound statement.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Exhaust Insulating Wrap

Press Release: Thermo Tec Exhaust Insulating Wrap is an ideal and efficient method of controlling exhaust heat. Installing header wrap results in increased horsepower due to a reduction in intake temperatures and improved scavenging. Wrapping your headers is also an effective way of protecting valuable components in the engine bay and can even result in reduced cabin temperatures. Made in America since 1987, Thermo Tec exhaust wraps can withstand a industry leading temperature of  2000 degrees F. Our traditional e-glass wraps are available in Original, Graphite Black and Gen II Copper.  Our latest offerings, the Carbon Fiber and Platinum wraps are both produced using lava rock and offer a hi-tech modern appearance. Thermo Tec Exhaust Insulating Wraps are offered in 15 foot and 50 foot lengths in both 1 inch and 2 inch widths. 

For more information, contact Thermo Tec at 800-274-8437 or visit their website at

E15 Issues Makes It Even More Important to Use Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment

The EPA is actively working to increase the amount of ethanol in fuel to 15%. Here is how E15 differs from E10 and what do you need to know about it.
       While many cars and trucks can use fuel with 15% ethanol, virtually no motorcycles can use this fuel. Additionally, E15 fuel poses a special risk to two-cycle engines which run hotter with E15, and as such could suffer damage. More importantly, manufacturer warranties will not cover damage caused by fuel containing more than 10% ethanol (E10).  Be aware that no fuel additive will allow engines designed for E10 to run E15 or higher ethanol blends.
       Ethanol can have corrosive effects on rubber fuel lines and some metal surfaces. 
Ethanol does not produce as much energy as gasoline, which is why engines using ethanol-blended fuel cannot produce maximum horsepower or fuel economy.
        As an alcohol, ethanol attracts moisture; the more ethanol in a fuel, the more likely it is to draw in moisture, which will have a negative impact on the quality of the fuel, raise the potential for corrosion and will decrease the performance of the engine. 
       Ethanol and gasoline cannot form a chemical bond. Left untreated, this fuel begins to degrade soon after blending, leading to the formation of performance-robbing gums and other deposits. Traditional stabilizers can decrease the combustibility of fuel, negatively affecting engine performance.