Thursday, June 16, 2016

Magnaflow Enters The Danger Zone With Top Gun Slip-Ons

Press Release: MagnaFlow announces its touring model slip-on mufflers for Harley- Davidson motorcycles.
The Harley-Davidson V-twin engine has one of the most famous exhaust notes in the world. However, it is possible to get much more out of your machine. This is where the new 4 ½” Top Gun slip-on mufflers from MagnaFlow come in. They enhance that Harley sound with a deeper, thundering bass tone while taking the edge off at cruising RPM’s giving your bagger a distinctive richer sound quantity.
       Top Gun slip-ons are designed to fit 1995-2016 Harley-Davidson baggers for enhanced performance and sound. The secret to this lies in the Pro-Flow 3 step cores which work to improve power, torque and sound while filtering out the harsher, undesirable sound waves generating a deep, roaring, bass tone that people have come to expect from MagnaFlow. Top Guns are the perfect match for highly tuned engines that demand improved output or stock engines looking for that added edge making them the ideal upgrade of long haul, performance minded riders. Complete your upgrade by installing MagnaFlow head pipes for the ultimate performance, power and sound statement.

       Top Gun slip-ons are available in either a chrome or black finish and come with distinctive 3-D outer & inner precision channeled gloss black end caps. Top Gun slip-ons, like all MagnaFlow performance exhausts, are designed and built entirely in the U.S.A. to exacting standards of quality. Each kit includes all the necessary hardware for easy bolt-on installation. For more information on the entire line of MagnaFlow performance exhaust systems, visit or your local dealer.