Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Profi Laser Chain/Belt Alignment Tools

Profi Laser alignment tools let you ensure proper belt/pulley or sprocket/chain alignment visually. Accurate alignment not only results in optimal driving dynamics but also increases the life span of belts, chains and sprockets.

  Simply press the tool against your pulley or sprocket and the laser will illuminate the belt or chain links to clearly show your alignment and real running direction. It also shows if your bike's rear wheel is in the optimal position. It's just that easy; immediate, exact results that you can see.
  Choose from two models. The Dot C.A.T. is ideal for chain alignment while the Line C.A.T. is the choice for belt alignment. Although the tools have a preferred use, each tool is easily capable of working with both belts and chains.  Profi Laser C.A.T.s include two batteries and a storage case.
DOT C.A.T. SUG. RETAIL: $69.95
LINE C.A.T. SUG. RETAIL: $149.95
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