Thursday, April 1, 2010

SS Trike Adds Excitement to the 3-Wheel Experience

SS Trike has eliminated the lack of excitement that most 2 wheel riders experience when switching from a 2 wheeled vehicle to a 3 wheeler.

At first glance you can't help but notice the bold "Big Wheel" styling, and that is just where the difference begins. Due to its innovative low-slung chassis design, the SS Trike is more than capable of handling the power of its V-Twin engine.
"Our trike looks like a Hot Rod and handles like a dream," said Jason Nieman, Owner of Olmax Fabrication. "The low center of gravity offers a stable platform and exceptional maneuverability."

The excitement of this ride is further enhanced by a smooth, race-inspired 2 speed automatic transmission. This standard package is enhanced further by a large diameter 24" front wheel wrapped in Metzler rubber, air suspension, 14" American Racing rear wheels, and digital instrumentation.
Current options includes a higher and more forward positioned seat, a passenger backrest, windshield, enclosed trunk and trailer hitch.

About the SS Trike:
Olmax Fabrication, a Wisconsin based manufacturer, first introduced the production version of the SS Trike at Sturgis in 2009. The Trike was unveiled at the AMD Official World Bike Building Championship and immediately grabbed the attention of everyone in attendance. The SS Trike is currently in production and the firm is currently signing up dealers.

Consignment Program

SS Trike is offering a consignment program for qualified dealers. Olmax recognizes the current economic atmosphere and that many legitimate dealers just don't have the extra cash to add complimentary product lines into their inventory mix. This program will be available for a limited time and all interested dealers are encouraged to contact Jason as soon as possible by phone at 715-435-3132.