Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Tools from JIMS for 2010

JIMS has just released some new and practical tools for 2010. The new, and affordable, JIMS VO Scope Tool, No.783 has the ability to look inside most holes that are .005-inch less then .25-inch and project it on a 2 1/2-inch full color viewing monitor.

This is a live remote video with the following features: High resolution auto focus, color camera, virtually giving you the ability to check the cylinder through the spark plug hole, valves and valve seats, to see if oil is running down the valve stem, etc. Think about all of the possibilities to help solve problems that can save you time and money. Equipped with a sealed, fluid proof, flexible, 24-inch long, 6mm diameter shaft, high output LED illumination with dimming control, a mirror used to see 90 degrees and a magnet for picking up steel parts weighing less then 1/4 lb.

JIMS Flywheel Runout Inspection Gauge Tool Kit

This easy to use precision tool measures the trueness of your flywheel in the engine case. The JIMS Flywheel Runout Inspection Gauge tool kit No.785, is designed to be mounted to case and inspect flywheel runout of the pinion shaft. This tool also allows you to check the amount of gear lash on gear driven cams used in some twin cam engines.
         When used with JIMS Tire Rotator No.936, you can remove any unwanted stress being applied to the flywheel by not rotating the engine with the electric starter motor.
         This JIMS tool No.785 Flywheel Runout Inspection Gauge tool kit is manufactured from 6061 grade aluminum with a precision CNC machine then finished with JIMS famous blue anodizing and comes with a detailed instructions.