Thursday, December 21, 2017

JIMS Piston Wrist Pin Clip Remover and Installer

JIMS Piston Wrist Pin Clip Remover and Installer

Incorrect piston clip removal can damage the piston, and incorrect installation can damage the clip. If the clip is bent or damaged it can come out while the engine is running and cause catastrophic failure. For $126.70 (MSRP) you wont have to worry about any of that as this tool (Part No. 5814) is designed exclusively for the Screamin’ Eagle 110” Engine to ensure proper wrist pin clip removal and installation. 

JIMS Milwaukee Eight Wrist Pin Remover Adaptor

The Milwaukee Eight uses different wrist pins compared to other Harley-Davidson engines. The JIMS Wrist Pin Remover Adaptor (Part No. 5805) assists the technician in easily and quickly removing the wrist pins in these new engines. We were able to save toolbox space and make it at the low cost of $69.95 (MSRP) by making it compatible with our existing wrist pin tool No.1276.

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