Friday, September 8, 2017

Twin Dash Pouch For Indian Roadmaster

Hopnel Sewn Products delivers a well thought out and designed Twin Dash Pouch for the Indian Roadmaster and Chieftains.  Each pouch is   8 ½’’ x 2 ½’’ x 3’’ deep, with a combined length of 17’’.  This Twin Dash Pouch mounts securely with hook and loop to the top of the fairing dash and will not work loose even in the harshest driving conditions.  Its tapered design allows air flow from the windshield vent opening, keeping proper air movement over the dash.  The zippered openings are protected by a full length flap covering the opening to keep weather from getting inside.  Available in Black or matching Desert Tan.  Made in the USA. 
Twin Dash Pouch for Indian Roadmaster and Chieftain 2014 – Newer

Black Part # V30-206BK MSRP $49.95
Desert Tan Part # V30-206D MSRP $49.95

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