Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Snap-on Adds Brand New Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Coverage

Snap-on Adds Brand New Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Coverage to Software Upgrade 17.2 

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Snap-on Software Upgrade 17.2 is loaded with new coverage, including for the very first time, brand new coverage for vehicles with two wheels – Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Comprehensive coverage is available for all major systems on model years 2000 and newer, such as engine, ABS, hands-free security, turn signal security, hand control module, body controls, instrument, speedometer and tachometer. 

“The addition of Harley-Davidson coverage to Software Upgrade 17.2 is great news for technicians that work in a Harley-Davidson specialty shop, technicians who do motorcycle jobs on the side and any technician that owns a Harley-Davidson,” said Leian Wunderlich, software program manager, Snap-on Diagnostics. “This new coverage allows them to read and clear OEM-specific fault codes, perform  one-touch code scan for all available systems, display live data in digital and graphing views and perform powerful functional tests. Plus, they get all of the helpful features they’d expect from a Snap-on tool.”

Technicians now can work on Harley-Davidson motorcycles with confidence with the upcoming Software Upgrade 17.2 release on any compatible Snap-on diagnostic platform with a new Smart Vehicle Interface purchase. The interface includes both Harley-Davidson adapters in one and provides secure software activation for scan tool software. A support hook keeps the interface safe from hot pipes and moving parts. 

Technicians will also be able to control vehicle systems and verify component operation with a wide range of functional tests, including the throttle position test, cruise control diagnostics, idle speed adjust, bleed brakes, ABS actuation, fuel pump, turn signals, horn, reset PIN, reprogram key fobs, alarm, side car configuration, dash lights and LCD segments, speedometer and tachometer.

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