Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mikuni Carburetor Products Catalog & Tuning Manuals

Mikuni Carburetor Products Catalog & Tuning Manuals
Mikuni American's latest Mikuni Carburetor Products Catalog features their complete line of Aftermarket Performance Carburetors, Accessories, Replacement Parts and Tuning Components for Racing, Street Motorcycles, Off-Road Dirt Bike, ATV, Snowmobile and Personal Watercraft applications. The full-color 36-page Catalog covers Mikuni HSR, HS and RS and Flatslide, TM Flatslide, VM Round Slide, BN and Super BN Watercraft Carburetors and Pulse Fuel Pumps. Included are complete Replacement Parts Lists of each Carburetor Type with Exploded View Drawings.

The complete Mikuni Carburetor Products Catalog is available for easy web browser viewing, as well as downloading in PDF and JPG format on the website. You'll also find Mikuni Tuning Manuals, and a list of Mikuni Product Distributors worldwide to assist both Dealers and Customers. Customers should contact their local dealer to order Mikuni Carburetors and Parts, and for Mikuni Carburetor service and tuning needs.  Dealers can get a copy of the printed Mikuni Catalog by contacting their Mikuni distributor. 

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