Monday, December 5, 2016

Five Reasons Why You Want Spectro Oils in Your Dealership

Press Release: Five Reasons Why You Want Spectro Oils in Your Dealership

  1. Spectro Oils offers your shop the most comprehensive product selection developed for the Motorcycle and Powersports Industry. With close to 250 different SKUs available, Spectro Oils can provide you with the fluids needed to service any application on all major OEMS. They offer 2 and 4 Stroke Engine Oils, Transmission and Gear Oils, Suspension Fluids and Fork Oils, Coolant, Brake Fluid, Filter Cleaners and Oils, Chain Waxes and Lubes, and a wide variety of Cleaning Products.
  2. Spectro Oils offers your customers premium quality products for their Motorcycle. From Group 4 synthetic base stocks to the best additive packages on the market, Spectro Oils is dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients.  All of the products are blended in a process called "Small Batch Blending". This helps to ensure that you are getting a consistent quality product every time you buy that will protect your bike from the inside out.
  3. Spectro Oils offers you something unique...loyalty! For 50 years Spectro Oils has set up their distribution network in a way that helps support dealers. Instead of large nationwide distributors, or automotive groups that have massive buying power and run on minimal margins, Spectro Oils enlists independent distributors that have set territories and only sell to Motorcycle Dealers. This means that the big box chain down the street can't carry Spectro Oils. Working with smaller distributors also means that everyone has a better margin on their sales, so everyone profits!
  4. Tote and promote! It's nice getting a free hat, or some stickers on occasion from a sales rep when they stop by, but wouldn't it be nice to be able to get more? Spectro Oils offers a proof of purchase program, so every case you buy can be turned into promotional items. Spectro offers apparel, metal signs, neon clocks, display racks, and many other great items.
  5. History that you can trust. 2016 marks Spectro Oils 50th year in business, with the focus being on the Motorcycle and Powersports industry since day one. Through the years Spectro Oils has partnered with many of the largest brands in the industry, from OEMs, engine and transmission companies, suspension manufacturers, and many others to help advance technology, and the industry. This long history and dedication to the motorcycle market makes Spectro Oils the most trusted oil brand in the industry.

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