Monday, August 1, 2016

More Muscle For The Octane

Bassani pipes and mufflers for that newest Victory
         It’s being pitched as the modern American muscle bike and the ad writers at Victory aren’t too far off with that assessment. With an advertised 104 horsepower DOHC 4-valve V-twin set into a lightweight cast aluminum frame designed for quick steering and a high lean angle the Victory Octane promises a lot. And it has the look. All blacked out with matte finish Super Steel Gray bodywork and hard angles the Octane might be the most aggressive bike Victory’s ever offered. The buy-in’s pretty attractive too, leaving plenty of wiggle room for riders to make the bike even better. And right off the starting line we’ve developed a great sysem for it. The legendary Road Rage 2-into-1 system is now available for the Octane and so are a pair of brand-new 3-inch Performance Slip-ons. Both choices are available now and Parts Unlimited has them.

         Swapping out the Octane’s factory exhaust for a Road Rage 2-into-1 is a natural. The performance gains of a 2-into-1 are well known, well documented and the our Road Rage 2-into-1 adds all the performance and sound this bike deserves. Featuring Bassani’s power building stepped-header design with the headpipe diameter increasing from 1 ¾-inches at the ports to 1 7/8-inches before joining at collector the Octane Road Rage 2-into-1 is available with two styles of megaphone mufflers. There’s a short megaphone muffler and a longer version, the former ending right around the rear axle, the latter extending bit further back. Either way the system’s matte-black finish is a perfect match to the Octane styling, both systems, long megaphone or short, are designed with plenty of ground clearance, they’ll clear saddlebags, they sound great and of course they’re major power builders.
         Don’t want a full system, or a 2-into-1? We have the solution. A brand-new pair of Slip-on mufflers are also available and they’ll complete the factory exhaust with genuine Bassani Xhaust sound and performance. Also finished in matte black these slightly staggered 3-inch Slip-ons feature slant-cut black billet end caps and as the name implies they slip right in place for an instant boost all around. Bassani’s own dyno testing showed significant increases in horsepower and torque. The mufflers are lightweight to boot, with a 50-percent weight savings over the stock mufflers.
         The Octane might be brand-new but Bassani Xhaust, on the other hand, has been at this since 1969 designing no-nonsense pipes and mufflers that look good, sound good, are built to last and most importantly perform. The Road Rage 2-into-1 and Performance Slip-ons for the Octane are no exception. Both options, or all three counting those two megaphone choices for the Road Rage, are available now and Parts Unlimited has them. Check with your rep and take a look at our website,