Tuesday, July 26, 2016

JIMS No. 5532 Vacuum Tappet “Pump Up” Tool

Press Release: Our popular and effective bleed technology that is found in the JIMS brake bleeding tool has now been applied to hydraulic lifters.  A special jar designed for vacuum, holds up to four hydraulic lifters in a convenient tray with tappet positions identified.  Once vacuum is applied, bubbles can be seen escaping from the lifters until they are completely bled. See No. 5532 in action at our new You Tube page, JIMS USA. Lifters are now ready to install.  Since the tappets are now pumped up, there is no risk of damage to the valve train.  JIMS No. 5532 is made in the USA and has a suggested retail price of $79.50.  Use on Twin Cam and Evo tappets. (Tool can be used for many other tappets similar in size and diameter.)  For more info, contact sales@jimsusa.com, visit www.jimsusa.com, or call (805) 482-6913