Monday, June 27, 2016

Marlin’s Quest Compass

A Modern Popular Convenience You Want
Press Release: Quest Compass does not rely on traditional magnetic feedback to display direction. It uses state of the art GPS technology to gather data from orbiting satellites - processes that information in nanoseconds and gives you a precise 8 point display of your current direction of travel. This technology makes it perfect for motorcycles and vehicles with radios and speakers that create magnetic fields interfering with traditional compasses.
       Superior performance and unparalleled good looks are the hallmark of this gauge.
       You can clearly see the super bright LED face in the day light as well as at night.
The Compact 1 ¾” diameter face matches Marlin’s popular line of high-end clocks and thermometers and the unit is water and shock resistant. A simple single button controls four levels of brightness including “off” and a system reset when held for ten seconds.
       “Quest Compass looks like a gauge that came from the factory,” Marlin said, “It’s an accessory that you will be proud to install on your bike and show your friends.”

       All units can be hard wired to your vehicle so that it turns on when your vehicle turns on or you can choose to use a battery pack, USB or cigarette lighter connection, any 5V – 15V power source will work. Quest is self-calibrating and no set up is required. Just bolt it on and go.
       Available now in all Marlin’s mounting styles; handlebar mount, perch mount, stem nut cover, Road King fork lock cover and more. 
This Patent Pending product is Great for all motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, scooters, ATV’s, hotrods, bicycles and more.
For more information call or visit Marlin’s at 800-777-5543