Monday, June 6, 2016

JIMS Shifter Pedal Shaft Bushing Tool

Harley-Davidson FLH touring models with heel toe shifting on the inner primary case are notorious for rattling due to vibration from worn shifter shaft bushings.  The typical service life of the shifter shaft bushings is 20,000 miles or less.  Once the bushings are worn and the shifter starts rattling, wear is increased on all shifter parts from the shift rod ends to the transmission lever and oil seal.  JIMS No. 5518 Shifter Pedal Shaft Bushing Tool easily removes both worn bushings and installs the new bushings to their proper depth without removing the inner primary, making shifter shaft bushing replacement a 20 minute job. Made in the USA and featuring JIMS lifetime tool warranty, JIMS No. 5518 has a suggested retail price of $90.00.  For use on all 1985-present FLH touring models.