Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Indian Running Hot? Problem Solved!

  • Cooling Relief Is Now Here For Indian Motorcycle Owners
  • Love Jugs To The Rescue, Just In Time For The Riding Season
  • Great Look Great Price Outstanding Performance

Hammerhead Engineering announces that its Love Jugs Cool-Master, the World’s Most Powerful V-Twin Engine Cooling System, is now available for the Indian Motorcycle as well as for Harleys.

Love Jugs patented Cool-Master for the Harley-Davidson motorcycle has taken the Harley World by storm. Harley owners around the world have been buying and loving their Love Jugs. Massive word of mouth as well as numerous highly favorable articles in the motorcycle media have propelled Love Jugs to be the most talked and highly desired product in the motorcycle marketplace.
Given the huge success in cooling Harleys V-Twin engines, Hammerhead has responded to the demands of Indian owners and is now making their amazing product available for the Indian. 

       Check out their web site, www.love-jugs.com and read the mountain of testimonials from Love Jugs happy customers. See the amazing video demonstrations proving the unmatched cooling benefits for the rider and their passenger. Read about the unanimous agreement from the experts who have tested Love Jugs. These experienced professionals all agree that Love Jugs delivers what the company claims, and more, in cooling the V-Twin engine as well as the oil. Several opine that Love Jugs is arguably the most important after- market product – EVER.
       So cool your burning thighs, prolong the life of your engine, and avoid costly repairs along the way. At the same time add Cool-Master’s cool look to the beauty of your Indian. Here’s more good news. This sleek stainless steel cooling marvel is a cinch to install in under fifteen minutes
       Check out the www.love-jugs.com web site and see for yourself why you need a Love Jugs Cool-Master for your Indian.
       Of course the company hasn’t forgotten Harley owners. For the first time two great motorcycle brands can obtain the wonderful benefits of Love Jugs
       The Cool-Master is made of stainless steel and polished to a high chrome look without the challenges of chrome. They also come in powder coated flat black and gloss black.
Love Jugs Cool Masters are available at Love Jugs Authorized Dealers and on the company website. For more information, or contact: Hammerhead Engineering CEO Steve West at info@love-jugs.com for personal attention, or visit the web site: www.love-jugs.com.

Dealers and Distributors are invited to inquire. Love Jugs is not affiliated with the Indian Motorcycle Company.