Monday, June 13, 2016

E15 Issues Makes It Even More Important to Use Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment

The EPA is actively working to increase the amount of ethanol in fuel to 15%. Here is how E15 differs from E10 and what do you need to know about it.
       While many cars and trucks can use fuel with 15% ethanol, virtually no motorcycles can use this fuel. Additionally, E15 fuel poses a special risk to two-cycle engines which run hotter with E15, and as such could suffer damage. More importantly, manufacturer warranties will not cover damage caused by fuel containing more than 10% ethanol (E10).  Be aware that no fuel additive will allow engines designed for E10 to run E15 or higher ethanol blends.
       Ethanol can have corrosive effects on rubber fuel lines and some metal surfaces. 
Ethanol does not produce as much energy as gasoline, which is why engines using ethanol-blended fuel cannot produce maximum horsepower or fuel economy.
        As an alcohol, ethanol attracts moisture; the more ethanol in a fuel, the more likely it is to draw in moisture, which will have a negative impact on the quality of the fuel, raise the potential for corrosion and will decrease the performance of the engine. 
       Ethanol and gasoline cannot form a chemical bond. Left untreated, this fuel begins to degrade soon after blending, leading to the formation of performance-robbing gums and other deposits. Traditional stabilizers can decrease the combustibility of fuel, negatively affecting engine performance. 

The Solution
There is no miracle product that can remove ethanol from fuel or neutralize it. Your best defense against using fuels with higher ethanol contents is your eyes. Read the ethanol signs at the pump; if your engine is designed to be used with E15 fuel, use Star Tron to ensure that it burns even cleaner while restoring lost power. Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment is a multifunctional product that does more than “just stabilize;” it also improves combustibility while also treating debris and moisture in fuel. It works in all fuel, including E5, E10, E15 and Rec 90 ethanol-free gas.
       By improving combustibility, Star Tron helps achieve a more complete burn of the fuel charge, which results in maximum power and fuel economy. It also reduces emissions while keeping fuel delivery systems clean. Some techs actually rely on Star Tron to clean carburetors and fuel injectors. Star Tron’s enzymes also help prevent corrosion. 
Be careful what you put in your tank; many fuel treatments contain alcohol or alcohol derivatives. Adding alcohol to fight alcohol-related problems may actually worsen the situation. Star Tron’s alcohol-free formula is simple: a blend of proprietary enzymes in a fuel suspension.

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