Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Don't Just Store Your Bike...ShowCase It!

The makers of CarCapsule and Bike Capsule are proud to announce their latest and greatest product, the Indoor Bike ShowCase. This ultra-premium vehicle storage shelter is the next evolution in vehicle protection and uses the technology of the original CarCapsule bubble type covers patented 25 years ago.

       The ShowCase can be referred to as a "touchless" cover since it is designed to never come in contact with your bike. This is made possible by using patented heavy-duty PVC inflatable air columns that support over 70-pounds to hold up clear side panels,including side access panels that zip closed and seal the vehicle inside. A front panel, which zips open and rolls up, acts like a door and allows users to simply ride their bike in and out. The genius behind the Indoor ShowCase is the fact that it has an easy set up and inflates ready for use in 90 seconds.
        All you need to do is simply attach the pressure sensitive air pump to inflate the ShowCase, install the circulating 12-volt 190 CFM fan and filter, open the door and ride your bike in then close the door and walk away!
        Once the vehicle is parked inside and zipped closed, it is protected on multiple levels. First and most obvious nothing can accidently bump or fall onto whatever is inside. Secondly the heavy-duty 100-percent nylon zippers prevent scratching and keeps rodents out. Last but not least the ShowCase uses the same proven E.S.T. (Evaporative Storage System technology) from the original CarCapsule which exchanges air inside the ShowCase with filtered outside air 3-5 times every hour. This keeps the temperature inside consistent with the temperature outside and eliminates moisture that could condense on the vehicle. The ShowCase provides protection against dings, dust, mold, and rust.
        Overall dimensions of the Indoor Bike ShowCase are 108"L x 58"W x 72"L. Each side panel is made of a durable 30 mm, double polished, radio frequency welded Polymerized Vinyl Chloride (PVC) clear windows allowing 360-degree view of the vehicle inside. The 45 mm PVC floor is abrasion, flame, and mildew resistant and virtually impervious to oil, gas and antifreeze. All Indoor Showcases come with everything you need to start protecting your ride including the pump, circulating fan, transformer and filter. They are offered for automobiles, motorcycles or as a solution for most any situation that requires a dust-free, and dry storage shelter. The ShowCase is  also available in custom configurations and made to customer specifications.

For further information on the 9' Indoor Bike ShowCase call them at 219-945-9493 or visit them online at www.CarCapsule.com.
Dealer Inquires welcome!