Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bluetooth Controller For Kuryakyn Lizard Lights

The chameleon of L.E.D. accent lighting is now more dynamic than ever with the addition of the new Kuryakyn Bluetooth Controller for Lizard Lights and Infinity L.E.D. products.
       Cycle through and activate an array of colors from the convenience of any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone with Android or iOS operating systems. A downloadable app allows users to set three unique display modes: single-color “Solid Color,” single-color pulsating “Flash Color” with adjustable variable rate, or cycle through all seven shades in “Auto Color.”
       Available for all universal 12-volt applications, Bluetooth Controlled Super Lizard Lights Maximus Kits (P/N 5066) include a plug-&-play Bluetooth controller with eight L.E.D. strip lights and everything needed to easily light up your ride from the palm of your hand. The Bluetooth Lizard Lights Controller (P/N 5067) can also be purchased separately as a direct replacement for existing standard switch or remote controllers on previously installed Kuryakyn Lizard Lights kits or Infinity products.

P/N 5066 – Bluetooth Super Lizard Lights Maximus Kit, MSRP: $349.99

P/N 5067 – Bluetooth Controller for Lizard Lights, MSRP: $89.99