Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Star Tron Improves Fuel Quality Year-Round

Press Release: Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment is a Multifunctional Fuel Treatment that Improves Fuel Quality for Maximum Engine Performance
Now that riding weather is back, it is time to focus on fuel issues. Fuel quality is the most important factor in making sure that all engines start easily, run smoothly and produce maximum horsepower and fuel economy. Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment‘s unique formula is the ideal way to improve the performance of motorcycles – and all other gas-powered engines. Star Tron utilizes a proprietary blend of enzymes in a fuel suspension. The formula does not contain any alcohol, oil or other emulsifiers. Alcohols and other emulsifying agents actually degrade the quality and combustibility of fuel; by reducing combustibility, performance is also reduced. 

       Unlike traditional fuel additives, Star Tron is a true multifunctional fuel treatment. The enzymes allow more oxygen to attach to hydrocarbon fuel molecules, resulting in a more complete burn of the fuel charge. This translates into maximum power, crisper throttle response and improved fuel economy. Star Tron helps restore much of the power and fuel economy lost in ethanol blended fuels as ethanol does not produce as much energy as gasoline. A more complete burn of the fuel charge also helps prevent the formation of performance-robbing carbon deposits and keeps engines running clean with significantly reduced emissions. If gum or other debris is already in the fuel or if carbon or varnish deposits are fouling the rings, carburetors or fuel injectors, Star Tron’s enzymes break apart the debris so that it can be eliminated while the engine operates.
       Because alcohol attracts water, moisture is another ethanol issue. Star Tron’s enzymes break apart clumps of water molecules into tiny submicron-sized droplets so they can be dispersed throughout the fuel to be safely eliminated while the engine is running. Beware of additives that claim to remove water or make it burn; neither is possible. Most of these products rely on alcohol or other emulsifiers that degrade fuel quality and can result in significant carbon deposit formation. 
       All fuel that is not used within 30 days or so needs to be stabilized, and especially ethanol-blended fuel. Ethanol and gasoline cannot form a chemical bond, which is why E10 fuel is formulated to be used within 30 days of blending. As fuel ages, it begins forming gums and other debris that clogs carburetors and injectors, making engines run rough or become difficult to start. The engines are fine – it is the fuel that is the problem.  Star Tron will maintain fuel chemistry for up to 2 years, making it ideal for gas-powered equipment that will be placed in seasonal storage.
       Used year-round, Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment keeps all engines starting easily and running smoothly. For more information, visit www.startron.com