Wednesday, March 23, 2016

El Diablo Cross Streamline Chin Spoiler

Press Release: John Shope’s Dirty Bird Concepts is proud to announce The El Diablo Cross Streamline Chin Spoiler now available for your Harley-Davidson raked or non-raked Big Wheel bagger motorcycle; 1997 to present.
       The El Diablo chin spoiler was designed for not only looks but also increased maximum air cooling to the motor.  Although the El Diablo is the newest member of the Dirty Bird chin spoiler line, you’ll recognize our other popular Harley models including the Diamond, the Stripe, the FU and the Accent.
       Like other Dirty Bird Concepts parts, the El Diablo is made from injection molded NYP Polymer and built to last.  Not only is the part strong and durable, but it is ready for paint and easy to install.  Each chin spoiler ranges in style and year so; we invite you to check out our website to find the right chin spoiler for you. 

Dirty Bird Concepts