Tuesday, January 5, 2016

OE Replacement Flare Windshields-Stability and Superior Air Management

Press Release: “We can say to anyone out there looking at Flare Windshields,” two brothers, Rick and Mike, of Michigan said, “Buy them! Tell your friends, tell everyone who has a bike!”
       Although the patented Flare Windshield was originally created for the World’s Fastest Bagger on the Bonneville Salt Flats, a bike with a fairing isn’t the only kind of motorcycle that can sport what The Bagger Blog called the “sexiest looking windshield ever created.” Klock Werks provides the same performance and style with bolt-on ease for Road King, Softails, Dynas, Sportsters, Yamaha V-star, and coming soon, the Indian Chief line.  
       “Unlike other windshields on the market for bikes without fairings, the Flare Windshield doesn’t push air.” Laura Klock, Vice President of Klock Werks said. “The patented flip at the top and hips on the side of the Flare reroute air, significantly improving the ride.”

       In addition to superior air management, the Flare is made from polycarbonate with FMR hard coating, not acrylic. It’s a sleek design made in the USA that actually improves performance. 
       Rick and his brother-in-law Mike purchased and installed OE Replacement Flare™ Windshields on their Yamaha V-Stars last spring. 
We did a lot of research and read testimonials,” they said. “The Flare seemed too good to be true.”
       After their first 100 miles on the road, the brothers said they were “literally in shock.”
      “Both bikes are very light,” they said. “but the down draft from The Flare made the bikes handle like 1000 pound machines.”
Rick and Mike said they enjoyed total stability; the bikes didn’t even rock or sway when trailing or passing semis. 
      Another shocking element they noted was when they were riding in the rain. 
      “The airflow design kept the rain off my entire upper body and out of my eyes. That’s critical,” Rick said. “The downforce helped with steering through hidden puddles in a downpour too.”
       The Klock Werks OE Replacement Flare Windshield comes in a tall option (19.5”) and a low option (16.5”) for Road King, and multiple heights for Softails and Dynas, depending on the model. The Sportster versions are 17 3/4” and 17 3/8”. The Flare is also available for Yamaha V-Star 650 / 1100 Classic. All OE Replacement Flare Windshields come in a tint or clear option. The Flare for the Indian Chief line is coming soon! All require use of original stock mounting hardware. Hardware is NOT included.

After your Flare is installed, Klock Werks is ready to hook you up with the NAVBag, specifically created for use with your OE Replacement Windshield. This innovative water resistant bag features a powerful magnetic closure and a special compartment that securely displays your GPS, cell phone, MP3 player or other device behind a protective screen. The screen is capable of transmitting the electrostatic energy necessary to operate most touch-screen devices. The NAVBag has a soft felt back to resist scratching your windshield and comes complete with EVA Foam insert to custom fit your device, dual accessory cable ports, and a large storage capacity for your personal items. It mounts using the top center mounting hole on the Flare Windshield, and will work with your stock windshield too.