Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bad Dad’s Speaker Lid Kit for Road Kings & Softails

Upgrade your Road King or Softail with Bad Dad’s Complete Speaker Lid Kit. This kit puts high-powered speakers directly into the hard saddlebags on your Road King or Softail and allows easy access to your favorite music through the system’s Bluetooth controller.
       This complete kit includes speaker lids, grilles, 200+ watt speakers, 400-watt amp, wiring harness, wiring harness; Bluetooth controller, and all mounting hardware & seals. Bad Dad’s Complete Speaker Lid Kit is available with or without LED taillights flush mounted into the speaker lid’s custom bodyline.
       Contact Bad Dad at 260-407-2000 or by visiting for more great bagger parts. All of Bad Dad’s bagger parts are proudly made in the USA.