Monday, October 19, 2015

Samson Ripsaws

It has been said that exhaust pipes make the bike! If that is the case, then Samson Big Guns 3 Ripsaws for Sportster can be described as the cream of the crop. XL Ripsaws are available in show chrome or Samson's Sinister Black Ceramic coating. Designed by Samson founder Kenny Price, and one of his favorites, Ripsaw pipes bounce the exhaust pulse off of the road surface for maximum audio effect. Say "Loud Pipes Save Lives." 

       Samson Ripsaws allow the little Big-Twin motor to generate maximum horsepower across the power band while creating tire smoking low-end torque. 
       Samson Ripsaws are available for most Harley-Davidson model motorcycles from 1995 to 2016. Traditional Samson quality and performance are an integral component of every Samson exhaust system. Look to Samson Exhaust for new and innovative exhaust system designs for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. 
       For more information about this and other world famous high performance Samson Exhaust products please see your local Samson Exhaust dealer or contact Samson direct by calling 1-888-5 SAMSON.  Ripsaws for Sportster: MSRP starting at $399.95. (B-stock) Are you a Samson rider?

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