Thursday, June 25, 2015

New Hone For Cycle Shops

Press Release: New cycle-shop honing machine ideal for reconditioning jugs, rods and other components.
       PLC control simplifies and speeds bore sizing and finishing with easy setup from front of machine. Spindle speed, stroke speed, and other parameters now set through touchscreen, with diagnostics stored in control.
Sunnen's new SH-2000 honing machine is designed as an affordable and flexible tool for reconditioning a wide variety of motorcycle parts, including jug bores, rod and piston-pin bores. A versatile machine, it can hone bore diameters from 0.060" to 4" (1.5 to 102 mm) in power-stroke mode. The 2.25-kW (3 hp) spindle drive delivers 200 to 3,000 rpm, adjustable in fine increments. The 0.75-kW (1 hp) stroker drive produces stroke rates of 60 to 350 SPM, with stroke lengths of 6.8 to 170 mm (0.236" to 6.7"). Power stroking ensures constant stroke length and stroke rate.

       Cycle-shop tooling for the SH-2000 includes the proven AN-600 hone head for bores 2.5" to 6.5" (63.5 mm to 165.0 mm). Available with guideless stones or two stones and two guides, the AN-600 can be equipped with a variety of different abrasives to quickly produce the desired bore finish, along with excellent roundness and straightness. Sunnen's CR rod tool allows quick reconditioning of the journal end of connecting rods after the cap and rod faces have been ground down to reduce bore diameter. The CR tool quickly returns the bore to factory size without enlarging the diameter across the parting line. Piston pin bores, bushings and other parts can also be honed using appropriate tools available from Sunnen.
       The SH-2000's new PLC control enables capabilities such as in-cycle speed changes, "slow extra strokes," ASC before cycle start, ignore ASC (automatic size control) alignment error, ignore oversize workpiece and stroke count honing. Machine diagnostics are available via the control. The new digital honing indicator switches from inch to metric with a touch of its screen.
       The SH-2000 easily handles parts with multiple-land and tandem bores, keyways, splines, blind ends and thin walls. It can use all the same tooling and fixturing as predecessor EC and ML machines.
       For additional information on Sunnen honing systems, tools and abrasives, contact: Sunnen Products Company at