Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Loboy Sweeper Fenders

Sumax Loboy Sweeper Fenders are about 5 inches longer than stock Heritage fenders. Sumax took their popular Street Sweeper series, cut them down 3 inches and flared out the tails a bit to create their popular Loboy Sweepers. This gives you a swoopy dramatic look with more ground clearance. No more bottoming out going over speed bumps or backing into curbs.
       Sumax composite fenders are all made at their facility in Upstate New York with 100% USA made raw materials. Composite glass techniques make their fenders lightweight, yet very strong. The top of the rear fenders have been structrually tested to withstand 28,000 PSI, that is stronger than your OEM steel fender. Fenders do not come pre-drilled so you can profile your seat for an exact fit and desired look. Models available: Dyna (as shown), Softail, Sportster, Touring, and Universal. Pricing begins at $239.00 for front fenders and $299.00 for rear fenders.