Monday, April 13, 2015

Make Your Motorcycle A “Torque Monster” With Samson Torque Cones

Anti-reversion (exhaust) technology has been used in internal combustion motors for many years. Many land-speed, and other motorcycle competition records have been established by motorcycles and other vehicles equipped with anti-reversion devices. 
       Here is how Samson Torque Cones function: When the exhaust valve opens, and the piston is on the exhaust stoke, the exhaust gases are expelled in a donut shaped sine-wave gas-pulse into the exhaust pipe away from the exhaust port. When this sine-wave gas-pulse exits the end of the exhaust pipe it bounces, which creates a reverted gas-pulse that travels back up the pipe towards the exhaust port. If the exhaust valve is open as with some cam profiles, these spent gases can then enter the combustion chamber and prevent a clean and complete intake charge. This also disrupts exhaust flow. Motor efficiency is reduced, which in turn reduces both horsepower and torque. 

       With Samson Torque Cone installed, the  reversion exhaust gases are blocked from entering the combustion chamber, while at the same time creating a profound extraction effect allowing any motor to breathe at its maximum potential. Installing Samson Torque Cones gives an  instant, perceptible improvement in throttle response, horsepower, and torque. Dyno results don’t lie! To get your very own Samson Torque Cones for arm stretch torque, see your local Samson Dealer, or contact Samson direct at

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