Monday, March 23, 2015

Lehman Trike Plant Will Close Soon

Lehman Trikes of Spearfish, maker of three-wheeled motorcycles, is rolling out of town and will close its local operation and take a dozen jobs with it, the company's CEO said.
       Expansion into Asian markets and logistics associated with that move has prompted Champion Trikes to close its Lehman Trikes location in Spearfish, the company’s CEO said.
      Craig L. Arrojo, of Champion Investments Inc. and Champion Trikes, said his company would transition out of the Spearfish location in the next couple months and relocate operations to its 43,000-square-foot facility in Garden Grove, Calif.
       Because the Spearfish operation is landlocked in the middle of the country, it made it difficult to service overseas markets, Arrojo said. 
       “We had to make some changes because of economics and logistics,” Arrojo said. “We’re sad that we couldn’t get the motorcycle side to work.”
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