Friday, February 27, 2015

Introducing the RSD Brake Calipers

Press Release: We’ve taken the best of brake caliper technology, high quality precision machining and trademark RSD styling to create the next step up in braking power for your V-Twin. With GP racing architecture and weight distribution, the extra rigidity maximizes your effort at the brake lever, stopping you faster with more feel. RSD brake calipers coupled with RSD Radial master cylinder are the ultimate V-Twin braking system providing unparalleled feel and power. (Shop now)

  • Feature differential bore pistons (1.125” & 1.375”) that apply a different force at both the leading edge and the trailing edge of the brake pads for superior braking
  • Dual-disc application require separate purchase of left and right calipers
  • Includes brake pads, bleeder screw, 3/8”-24 banjo bolt and sealing washers & shim kit
  • Available in Contrast Cut, Black Op, Machine Ops and Chrome finishes
  • Available for 11.5” and 11.8”/300mm disc applications

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