Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Harley Davidson Assist and Slip (A&S) Clutch

Press Release: The first sliding lock up system released in the industry – A new sliding weight design
The sliding weight will create 120~130 lbs of extra clamping pressure at 4000RPM, – 40% more clamping force

Harley Davidson has new "Assist and Slip Clutch" on 2013 and later CVO models, 2013 and later Tri-Glide models and 2015 and later Ultra Limited Low and Electra Glide Classic Low Models. AIM Corp's "VP-SDR" fits on these models. VP-SDR is ready for 2015 Low models, and handles over 135 ft-lbs TQ with the stock spring.

Features include:

  • Will directly fit into the '15 Ultra Limited Low/Electra Glide Ultra Classic Low models' with the new narrow primary cover. Bolts into the Twin Cam Assist and Slip ( A&S) clutch kit. 
  • Also fits ’13 and up Tri-Glide and ’13 and up CVO models
  • Easier to pull: 30% lighter during low RPM. The kit will handle up to 105 ft-lbs of torque with the orange springs installed. 
  • High performance: With the OEM 2013 and up CVO spring, the max torque capacity will be over 135 ft-lbs torque. 
  • Slider Weights design: will fit behind stock, 103 and 110 derby covers, with no modification needed. 

Retail price is $345.00

AIM Corp