Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Performance Machine Dixon Wheel - From the PM Image Series Forged Wheel Portfolio

Press Release: From the PM Image Series Forged Wheel Portfolio
       When it comes to class our wheels stand apart from the rest – with glamorous good looks and iconic style. The Dixon is the newest family member to join our wide array of Image Series Forged Wheels. We continue to bring wheels that are rich in quality, and the Dixon is no exception.  
       The Dixon design was born from the philosophy of luxury. From hub to rim, its long legs elegantly extend and bend at the perfect point of conception, while the beauty on the rim body gives bounty to all angles. It’s perfection.
       Available in Chrome, Contrast Cut and Contrast Cut Platinum finishes with retail prices starting at $1249.95 for H-D Applications.

Visit www.performancemachine.com for more information.