Tuesday, September 23, 2014

'Shovelize' Your Evo With EMD Rocker Boxes

Now settled in the US, European independent parts manufacturer EMD has just gone 'full production' on its latest product line. The WTF line is designed to make you say just that, when you see how you can so radically transform the style of your hard-working Evo 1340 Big Twin or Evo Sportster. The cast aluminum covers bolt in place of your OEM rocker boxes and extend down to hide the lower box; as simple as that...

       The 'Warhol' mosaic above tells the whole story. WTF Rocker Covers come in three styles: Shovel, Iron and XR. Finishes include, Raw, black, Black Cut and Semi-polished. Also displayed on this Sportster engine is a ribbed cast aluminum cam cover topper that helps set the engine off.
       Find out more at www.emd-part-usa.com or email steelmedia@yahoo.com for info and orders. Dealer enquiries are welcome.