Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rivera Primo PowerDrive 6 Transmissions

Press Release: About 10 years ago, Rivera Primo launched its new line of premium quality Left Side Drive & Right Side Drive Softail style 6 speed transmissions, highlighted by an industry-first 2 year unlimited mileage replacement guarantee. Our PowerDrive 6 transmissions have become a force to be reckoned with, in terms of reliability and smoothness. These tranmissions all have  features that make these boxes the best in the industry such as choice of finish (polished, chrome or black wrinkle), 32 tooth final drive pulley, close ratio 2.94:1 first gear; second gear 2.21; third gear 1.60, fourth gear 1.23; fifth gear 1.00, 0.860:1 overdrive sixth gear, & forged and back cut gears for positive shifting.
       With all these features, plus great service and warranties, we put our PowerDrive transmission line literally into overdrive.

Stuff About PowerDrive 6
When Rivera Primo manufactures a product line, we look at several major components; functionality, fit and finish and range of application. In simpler terms we make stuff that goes on easy, works properly, looks great and fits lots of V-Twin motorcycles. Thats exactly what we did with our FLT style PowerDrive™ 6 transmission. 
       Finished in flawless high polish and show chrome plating, this PowerDrive 6 speed fits 1993-1998 Touring models and comes completely assembled with a black wrinkled oil pan and a billet aluminum oil fill spout that accepts the stock filler cap. It comes in two versions: A standard offset for stock bikes with stock width rear tires using a 5/8" swingarm pivot shaft (1214-0015); and a 1/2" offset for customs with wide tires and utilizing a 3/4" pivot shaft (1214-0018).

The oil fill spout (part #1215-0029) is carved from a solid block of billet, with cooling fins added for that 'high speed' look,  and then its beautifully finished off with our show polish finish.

Wanna make that new Powerdrive 6 speed look like ole' skool'? Add on our Sharpeye kicker kit to spriuce that retro chop to the nines! Models available for OE 5 speeds and aftermarket 6 speed transmissions. Also available with chrome kicker arm and brass bicycle pedal. (1215-0153)

Rivera Primo