Monday, March 10, 2014

New Catalogs Are Tools For Dealers

2014 Mustang Metric & V-Twin Catalogs Hot Off The Presses
March 7, 2014, Three Rivers, MA — From the 240-page dealer master catalog to a pair of specific supplements for Harley-Davidson® and Metric applications, three new catalogs from Mustang Motorcycle Products, LLC are hot off the presses! Since 1980, Mustang has handcrafted the world’s most comfortable motorcycle seats in the same historic New England facility. In fact, this photogenic factory is the backdrop for the 2014 catalogs.
       “We consider our catalogs essential tools of the trade,” says Mustang Marketing Director, Marilyn Simmons. (Coincidentally, hand tools being used to create the seats were the thematic element unifying the look of this year’s catalogs.) “Aesthetics are important, but because our catalogs truly are tools, the enhanced functionality is what is really important,” she notes.

      In addition to having seats for most metric cruisers and Harley-Davidson models on the road, Mustang has really expanded its range in recent years with Victory, Triumph and Gold Wing. All-new additions for 2014 include seats for BMW, Yamaha Bolt and an expanded array of accessories. “Mustang’s reputation for comfort is a given, but now we are making a name for ourselves on the style side, collaborating with master designers like Roland Sands and fellow New Englander Dave Perewitz,” says Marilyn. To catch a sneak peek at the Perewitz Signature Series Seat By Mustang, see pages 36-37 of dealer catalog.

       The 240-page master catalog is hot off the presses and hole-punched for use in a dealer’s catalog rack. A confidential dealer price list is available separately as are a pair of consumer supplements specifically for the Harley-Davidson® and Metric models. To facilitate getting these catalogs into the right hands, Mustang is even offering a free plastic display case to keep the catalogs front and center for your customers.
       Consumer and dealers alike can also access Mustang’s 2014 virtual versions of any of these catalogs or order print versions from Mustang’s website. The 124-page “Metric” catalog includes the full line of Mustang seats and related accessories for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Victory cruisers as well as Triumph and BMW applications and can be found HERE

While the V-Twin version is available HERE