Monday, November 26, 2012

The Thomson Supercharger

Press Release: How do you benefit from a Thomson Supercharger? As most owners know, Harley's are not high rpm motorcycles. With an 88" Twin cam redlining at around 6000 rpm, there isn't much to be gained from a supercharger that produces max boost at 5500-6000 rpm. The Thomson Supercharger utilizes a fixed displacement roots design, which delivers large gains in the low and midrange rpm's. Our patented design is very well suited for the low revving V-twin engine, because of it's rapid boost rise. Significant increases in power can be realized right off idle, straight through redline. This means USEABLE POWER for your Harley.

       Although many roots supercharger manufacturers have gone to a multi-lobe rotor design, Thomson Superchargers uses a twin-lobe rotor. Working closely with Don Hampton of Hampton Blowers (The True King of Supercharging), we have fit our case with his new "Hampton Super II" helical rotors. Don has spent 25 years developing his record-breaking design, and has allowed us here at Thomson Superchargers to bring that technology to your motorcycle in a more compact form.
       We have spent countless hours, planning and performing research and development to specifically size and optimize our supercharger for your application. By utilizing the Hampton Super II two-lobe rotor design, rather than a multi lobe, we have been able to increase not only thermal, and volumetric efficiencies, but the internal volume of the blower case also. This allowed us to supply you a large cubic inch blower in a much smaller package. 
       Our patented belt drive system allows us to tailor boost levels, and curves to your specific riding needs. It also provides you as the consumer with multiple levels of performance. Pulley ratios can be changed for more or less boost in a matter of minutes. The drive system also acts as a security blanket for your engine. If for any reason there is a major component failure in the supercharger system, the drive belt will simply slip or break, leaving your engine free of any damage. Be assured, the engine will still run with the belt detached, it will simply run with no boost. 
       The Thomson Supercharger was created as an alternative to the traditional power parts/modifications. Stroker kits, big bore kits, cams, heads, porting/polishing, carbs, etc. These are all great products and have their place in the motorcycle industry. The problem is, they produce power at a great expense, and lots of down time. They also allow little to no adjustability of power with out more major parts changes, and expense, and almost all cannot be reversed. Meaning if you sell your bike, you lose your investment.
        Now Available with our new Complete EFI System, Thomson Superchargers injection systems eliminate the need for piggyback tuners, allowing the tuner endless possibilities while running a boosted setup.
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