Friday, July 22, 2011

What We Saw At The Harley Dealer Show — Part 1

Harley-Davidson's dealer meeting was a showcase for the company's new 2012 models and accessories. We came back with video presentations of the Parts and Accessories that Harley wanted their dealers to get a sneak peek of. Now everyone can see what the company is up to.
       We'll divide the presentations into a few groups, audio, lighting, luggage and security, and seating. In this first post we'll look at the Audio offerings.
       Note: We found that these don't play on all mobile devices, in particular the iPhone running Safari. Droid phones seem to work.
    RoadTech Zumo Navigator

    Boom! Audio Communications

   Boom! Audio Bass Booster Port Kit

   Ultra Boom! Bagger Kit

   Boom! Audio Cruiser Amp and Speaker Kits

   Boom! Audio iPod Interface Kit