Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Introducing: The Hoverbike

Australian Chris Malloy has been developing every boy's dream, a flying motorcycle. While it hasn't actually flown yet, the motorcycle has been tested while tethered to the ground and the inventor claims that it is very stable so far. It uses twin propeller blades for thrust and is controlled much like a conventional motorcycle, push down on the right handlebar to go right, left to go left. To achieve lift off twist the right throttle just as on a bike. Twisting the left throttle forward makes it go forward, twisting it back makes it go backward.
       Powered by an 1170cc air cooled flat twin, the frame of the bike is constructed of carbon fiber with Kevlar reinforcement. The range isexpected to be 148km at 80knts cruising speed. 
       The Hoverbike is equipped with two explosive parachutes, and the rider also wears an emergency chute. 
       Still in the testing phase, the bike is expected to sell for $45,000 +/-$5,000 (AUS) for the first 100 units, the price is expected to drop to the range of a performance motorcycle at 1,00 units. 
       The uses the inventor expects the vehicle to be used for include ranching, search and rescue, surveying, film, military and emergency services.