Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Von Braun Phantoms

Press release: 
"The bold design and resonant tone that radiate from The Phantoms are no figments of the imagination. These are the only mufflers available with exhaust ports that are hidden on the bottom side of the mufflers. A rich, mellow exhaust tone derives from a 2.5-inch radial-flow inner core that proceeds throughout the 17-inch long, louvered baffles. The Phantoms’ showcase power, performance, and self-assertion. Simultaneously, they exude grace, perfection, and elegance. They are an easy, direct bolt-on for all Harley-Davidson touring models, including the 2010 Road and Street Glides."
Dealer inquiries are welcomed.
Von Braun Exhaust: www.VonBraunUSA.com / Phone: 774-563-8296