Friday, March 4, 2011

The D&D Bob Cat

Press Release:

D&D has released the 2004 through 2011 Bob Cat pipe for Sportsters, which pumps out performance, torque and a soul-satisfying tone. The 2-into-1 full pipe comes equipped with heat shields and a flawless finish in black or chrome.

       Enthusiasts also can select the materials and finishes on the Bob Cat muffler. The end caps are available in black or chrome with the canister offered in polished aluminum, black or carbon fiber. Bob Cat works with both mid-controls and forward-controls. D&D Performance Enterprises is using their new Concentric Flow Baffle System on the Bob Cat pipe. This new and innovative baffle system was first introduced on the 2009 Harley-Davidson bagger line. Applied to the Sportster line, it improves torque and horsepower by as much as 10% as well as reducing the bark at WOT.
       The new baffle technology is derived from collaboration with the University of Texas at Arlington Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering department. Dr. Bob Woods and his students worked with D&D to deliver the exhaust trifecta - reduced noise, performance improvement and enhanced Harley-rumble.
       D&D provides a performance kit option that includes a Bob Cat and a Zipper’s HiFlow air cleaner. This combination delivers the greatest bang for the performance-minded buck.

At D&D we sell direct to the dealer, which provides operators with better margins. If you have any questions about exhaust applications, please call 817-834-8961. 

Dave Rash,
The Pope of Pipe