Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Helping With Horsepower

Unique bike re-building program provides help for abused girls
MITCHELL, S.D. One of motorcycling’s leading advocates for women is celebrating the launch of Helping with Horsepower, a program to help victims of abuse and at-risk youth. Laura Klock, vice president of Klock Werks Kustom Cycles, has begun a unique bike re-build program designed to provide inspiration and support for the girls and young women of the Abbott House, a private residential treatment center for girls ages 7- to 17 who are at risk of not reaching adulthood, and have suffered trauma and abuse.

       Using motorcycles as an effective tool to teach life’s lessons on a personal and professional level, Klock will repair, customize and finish a damaged stock Harley-Davidson alongside the girls of the Abbott House, all the while providing education, empowerment, and encouragement that delivers one important message: Just like a motorcycle, you can repair and rebuild anything in your life with the right tools and inspiration.
       The Helping with Horsepower bike build will be a 20-week classroom project at the Abbott House where participating girls will get the practical, hands-on experience of repairing and customizing a motorcycle, along with developing important life skills they can take with them.    
       “Using riding and racing as a parenting tool with my two daughters, I have experienced firsthand how motorcycling can teach us not only about ourselves, but also powerful life lessons, ” Klock said. “Our hope for this project is to encourage and transform these girls by repairing what has been damaged on a motorcycle, and also in their lives.”
       Industry-leading companies who are dedicated to the project’s mission have stepped up by providing donations.  Klock Werks Kustom Cycles is donating custom parts and Gear Wrench donated a complete set of tools for the re-build. In addition to giving the girls practical experience and life skills, the Abbott House will benefit from Helping with Horsepower as the finished motorcycle will be raffled to raise needed funds for the organization charity.  
       “It’s inspiring to have this rare combination of people come together on this scale to provide something truly special for the girls in our care,” said Eric Klooz, director of the Abbott House, 909 Court Merrill, Mitchell, SD.  “We couldn’t be more excited to be working with Laura, Klock Werks and the rest of our dedicated partners, on a project that inspires personal growth while simultaneously raising funds needed to continue providing refuge, education and support to girls and young women throughout the state of South Dakota.”  The organizers of Helping with Horsepower announced the program at a special launch at the Abbott House on Wednesday, February 9.  
       Laura writes: "I will begin class tomorrow at 1:00 and couldn’t be more excited. It’s one thing to have an idea and another completely to find an organization that is willing to take a chance on something different. The Abbott House offers great programs for the girls and this one will enhance their offering. The life messages are equally if not more important than the bike, but the bike will be a nice fund raiser for them also. The girls are already so excited. I also volunteer/lead a faith based 12 step group with about 8 of the girls on Tuesday nights. All of it has challenged, grown and blessed me beyond words. It’s been so awesome to watch them respond."

For more information:
Laura Klock 605-999-9824, laura@kustomcycles.com  
Virginia Wishard Lambert 605-940-1311
Eric Klooz 605-996-2486 xt. 114