Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Alleged Captain America Bike Destroyed

One of two motorcycles certified by Dan Haggerty as original Captain America bikes from the movie Easy Riders has burned in a warehouse fire in Austin Texas, which also destroyed eight other motorcycles and 22 automobiles.
       The cause of the fire is under investigation, and the value of the cars and bikes is estimated at $1 million. 
       The pedigree of the bike is in dispute, as another Captain America bike, owned by John Parham of J&P Cycles also was endorsed as authentic by Haggerty as well as Peter Fonda.  According to Basem Wasef, author of Legendary Motorcycles, it is widely acknowledged that one of the Captain America bikes, as well as two "Billy" bikes were stolen soon after the filming of the movie, and the second Captain America, which was the crashed for the final scene is the one that represented by Haggerty as the survivor, now owned by Parham. 
Source: JalopnikKUVE