Monday, October 18, 2010

Rossmeyers roll on

From the Daytona Beach News Journal
Bruce Rossmeyer always knew exactly what he wanted, his family says.
One time, his wife, Sandy Rossmeyer, remembers, they were shopping for a rug.
Bruce walked in the door, saw a rug hanging on the wall and said that was the one he wanted.
Sandy said she looked at about 20 more rugs, then decided on the one Bruce had originally picked.
He was the same way with business decisions about the motorcycle empire he built, his daughter Mandy Rossmeyer Campbell said.
"He never said, 'Let me think about that,' " she said.
Since the patriarch died in a 2009 motorcycle accident, his family has taken on those decisions, which now involve trying to get by in a tough economy.
"Bruce loved the challenges," Sandy said. "We're learning to deal with them."