Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cycle Sounds new dealer counter top audio display program

Cycle Sounds, LLC, a market leading premium motorcycle and motorsports audio manufacturer has recently introduced their new dealer counter top audio display program. Want a Cycle Sounds counter top display? Well, we would like to give you one. We have found great value in our displays because it gives the consumer a chance to touch, see and hear our products before they buy. We know the proof is all in the sound and that is why if you buy two Cycle Sounds speaker systems, we will give you a free counter display as well as install one of your units on the display before we ship it to you; no strings attached.
Just go to and check out all of the quality products that Cycle Sounds offers. Call (866) 427-2346 and ask to speak to a sales rep to become an authorized Cycle Sounds dealer and place your order requesting a free counter top display. It’s that easy! Counter display offer ends September 30, 2010.