Thursday, April 15, 2010

Confederate Motors, Inc. to Launch C3 X132 Hellcat in New Orleans

Confederate Motors, Inc., of Birmingham, AL., the American design company that created the prestigious F131 Hellcat, B120 Wraith, and P120 Fighter Combat, to announce today at the New York International Auto Show, the launch of the new C3, X132 Hellcat. 

The C3 will be the lightest, fastest, toughest, smoothest, most exquisite Hellcat, ever. The design centers on a new, long-term strategic power plant alliance with S&S. Further, it will be priced within reach of the top 10% of Harley Davidson buyers.

We are targeting the American motoring purist and aficionado.

First deliveries will begin October 31, 2010, Halloween night, from our new facilities in the art district at 733 St. Joseph Street. This event will mark our first annual Halloween party as we celebrate production of the World’s finest road bike, and simultaneously, with humble gratitude, our return home, to our beloved New Orleans.

Founded in 1991 in Baton Rouge, Confederate Motors, Inc. designs and handcrafts limited series built, uncompromised motorcycles for the connoisseur and aficionado. The creative team at Confederate has adopted a minimalist, holistic, avant-garde design imperative. Their goal is to be on the cutting edge of an exciting, innovative and relevant American design initiative. Confederate Motors Inc. is located in Birmingham, Alabama. For additional information on Confederate Motors, Inc., or the C3 X132 Hellcat, please visit

This just in from Confederate, MSRP is $39,750 USD