Friday, April 16, 2010

Coker Tire to Sponsor Motorcycle Cannonball

Coker Tire and Motorcycle Cannonball promoter Lonnie Isam, Jr., recently announced Coker Tire's sponsorship of the coast-to-coast Motorcycle Cannonball endurance ride of pre-1916 motorcycles.  Coker is the world's largest supplier of vintage tires and wheels headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Details about the ride can be found at
President Corky Coker related that Coker Tire will have a complete assortment of clincher tires and tubes in stock on its support vehicle following the Cannonball ride from coast to coast insuring that these original two-wheeled machines will have good rubber all the way across the USA.  The inventory will include most of the original sizes used on the pre-1916 motorcycles.  Black-wall clincher motorcycle tires in Coker button, Firestone Non-skids, and G & J buttons will be in stock on our support vehicle in 28x3, 28x2¼, and 28x2½ tire sizes.  All riders who start the Motorcycle Cannonball with new vintage motorcycle tires (mounted on the vintage bike they are riding which were purchased either in 2009 or 2010) will receive free support tires as needed during the event.  Corky related that his company was also developing a new Firestone Non-skid in the important 28x2½ clincher size.  This size had previously only been available in a Button tread design.  Additionally, Coker's engineers have pursued changes to produce longer-wearing tread compounds for its original black-wall clincher tires to insure early two-wheeled riders get better wear on these fine machines.
In addition to riding his 1908 Thor Single/Single speed on the endurance event, Coker Tire is also sponsoring a stop for the participants at its headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee