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The Man Behind Ciro3D

The Man Behind Ciro3D 

Press Release: “The group of people you have makes all the difference, they either make you or break you. I’m very fortunate to have a strong team at Ciro that all compliment each other with a wide variety of skill sets.” 

Most people are surprised when they discover that the CEO of Ciro is a 26-year-old named Aero Rudd. This bio will give you a little more insight into the man behind the Ciro brand and how Ciro came to be where it is today. 

Aero Rudd, the founder and President of Ciro, the Hudson, Wisconsin based motorcycle and automotive parts design firm, has the powersports industry in his blood. If the last name Rudd rings a bell, it’s because he is the son of industry icon, Tom Rudd, founder of Drag Specialties in 1968 and co- founder along with his wife Pat of Kuryakyn in 1989. Growing up in the motorcycle industry and having great role models, Aero always had the inkling of wanting to create his own business one day. 

Aero felt it necessary to gain as much knowledge into all the various roles that make for a successful company so he began working different jobs each summer at Kuryakyn while he was in high school. The jobs ranged from customer service, tech support, returns, working on bikes, and even selling to customers at the biggest rallies. However, the job that interested him the most was the R&D department. 

This is also where he made some lifelong friendships and business connections that would later become part of Ciro. 

Aero graduated high school from St. Thomas Academy, a military/leadership school in Minnesota, and went on to college at University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. He went on to study entrepreneurship. However, during his time there, he started to question why a degree was even needed to start a business. Aero analyzed, “All this money I’m spending on school could be a much better investment if put towards a business instead.” Although many would be reluctant to stray from the “typical” path of finishing a four-year degree, Aero was eager to start Ciro. At this point, Tom Rudd resigned as president of Kuryakyn in January 2014 because he no longer believed in the direction the parent company MAG wanted him to go. Shortly after, several other key employees, including the entire senior design staff, also wanted to move on. Many of these employees had worked with Aero and wanted to team up with him and his new company to design motorcycle and automotive accessories at an even higher level. They all jumped at the opportunity as they all “Liked the freedom of being able to design and make what we thought was cool.” Aero’s sister Azura, who rides a Sportster Iron 883, also joined Ciro as the Marketing and Social Media Manager after graduating from the University of St. Thomas. His entire family has always had a strong connection in the motorcycle industry. Aero Rudd has a passion for building cars and motorcycles and turning them from stock builds into something that turns heads that you don’t see every day. This was an opportunity to finally pursue that passion. 

Ciro first started with the focus of designing products for the automotive and UTV industry. However, Aero soon realized one of the biggest obstacles was figuring out where to sell enough parts to get a good return on the initial investment he had made. With not enough connections and avenues to sell those products in, Aero shifted focus to what he knew best, the motorcycle/automotive industry. Aero pitched Drag Specialties’ Fred Fox the idea of being Ciro’s main distributor and a pact was formed to have Drag Specialties distribute Ciro’s unique product line. Additionally, Ciro also designs and develops state-of-the-art products for the Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger models. However, these products are done under private label for other companies. 

Adrenaline Junkie 
Growing up, Aero tried everything that included speed or nerves of steel. He won downhill mountain bicycle races, pole vaulting awards, loved high speed slalom skiing, kite boarding, and bungee jumping. He learned to ride when he was 14 years old, starting at a dirt bike school in California to get the basics down. When he turned 16, he was ready for the real deal and got his motorcycle license as well as a 2003 Springer Softail. After a couple years of riding experience, Aero wanted to take his riding to the next level and enrolled in California Superbike School and rode a BMW S1000RR. He furthered his skills through attending automotive performance driving at Bondurant and at Laguna Seca as well as a course in driving an offshore 48 foot MTI catamaran with 2700hp. 

Ciro3D – The Name 
Many people ask, why name the company Ciro or Ciro3D and what does it even mean? Aero decided on this name due to its Latin meaning, “Ruler” as he saw Ciro one day becoming the ruler of the motorcycle and powersports industry. This name was simply fitting. The 3D was later added to make the name easier to find online as well as its meaning in the design process that Ciro utilizes with the latest 3D cad design software and 3D Stratasys prototype maker. 

The Future 

“For the future I see the Ciro product line expanding greatly, while staying up to date with the latest technology to help revolutionize the motorcycle industry by bringing the most exciting new products to market.” 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Modern Retail: How Lowbrow Customs Does It Right

Modern Retail: How Lowbrow Customs Does It Right

There are changes sweeping the aftermarket motorcycle parts industry. The change is fueled by new technology and the increasing adoption of e-commerce. From toilet paper to automobiles, this shake-up continues to offer positive outcomes for the consumer. One indicator of this in the motorcycle industry is Lowbrow Customs.

Founded in 2004, Lowbrow Customs originated in the early days of e-commerce. They ignored the standard practices of motorcycle shops and took a different path. "I was a customer myself, and options online for motorcycle parts were limited. The poor selection and especially the bad service frustrated me," said Lowbrow founder and CEO, Tyler Malinky. "I thought, I can do better than that." He focused on procuring unique parts for a wide range of motorcycles. Lowbrow stocks thousands of motorcycle parts and accessories that they design and manufacture. This array of innovative products is not available anywhere else. Creating their own niche meant there wasn't much competition. 

"We need to give customers as much information as possible. As if they were holding the parts in their hands," says Malinky. "Which is why we spend so much time and energy producing how-to videos, writing articles, and providing free motorcycle tech support... even for products we don't sell." This leads to a customer with confidence. Lowbrow's passion and authenticity showed, making them a mainstay in the custom motorcycle scene. "We are our own customer," said Malinky. "It's easy to advance and evolve when your job is also your hobby and passion. If I need a particular part for my own motorcycle, chances are, someone else does as well." 

Traditional motorcycle part retailers are stocking showroom shelves and printing thick catalogs. Progressive brands, like Lowbrow, warehouse retail direct, ready-to-ship inventory to customers world-wide. Instead of a catalog, the focus is on keeping up with modern technology; from inventory management to user experience. The direct-to-retail model allows complete control of their brand and lower prices for the customer. An affiliate program is the most recent technical expansion undertaken at Lowbrow. The Lowbrow Customs affiliate program allows key partners to help advertise for Lowbrow. They benefit by earning a commission on the resulting sales. This process is a departure from traditional print advertising and online banner ads. An affiliate program works with individuals and companies who create high-quality content. With it, they earn passive income by adding links to their articles, videos, and online content. In a world saturated with ads, curated content is becoming a valuable resource. Useful articles containing links, should a reader want to learn more, are an asset and tool. 

"With the amount of information online, it is easy for customers to identify exactly the parts they want," says Malinky. "They are now often more informed than their local motorcycle dealers. We help customers be confident the parts will fit their motorcycle. They can place their order and have it arrive on their doorstep days later." With constant advances in technology and communication, the consumer now plays an active role. Transparency and accountability are assets to a company. As long as they're doing it right. 

Replica Knucklehead 30° Rake Frame

Replica Knucklehead 30° Rake Frame

This is the closest thing you’ll get to an authentic 1946 to early 1947 Knucklehead frame.  This Replica Knucklehead frame is an authentic reproduction of the factory style bull neck frames.   Forged parts included in the construction are the neck, front and rear motor mounts, side car loops, yoke and rear axle plates.  The 30° neck angle will accept offset spring forks. Top cross member across rear legs is brazed as on the original Knucklehead frames.  The seat post is included and the seat post bushings, mechanical brake cross shaft bushings, correct tool box mount, and grease fittings are installed.  For more information on VT No. 51-1947 Replica Knucklehead 30° Rake Frame, visit our website at

V-Twin Manufacturing/Tedd Cycle
436A Robinson Ave
Newburgh, NY 12550

Friday, January 26, 2018

JIMS Cylinder Hold Down Nuts

JIMS Cylinder Hold Down Nuts

These Cylinder Hold Down Nuts are an effective way to keep the cylinders in place when the heads are removed from the engine. This is particularly useful when installing the second cylinder over the piston and rings after the first cylinder has been installed, or when rotating the crankshaft for other work. In any case, even a slight rocking of the cylinder can damage the base gasket or cause a cylinder to lift entirely off the cases. These Hold Down Nuts have different threads on each end to accommodate either the Milwaukee Eight or the Twin Cam. With an MSRP of $71.50, you can’t go wrong.  For more information please call us at (805) 482-6913, email us at, or visit

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Lindby Custom's Linbar

Lindby Custom's Linbar

Press Release: Lindby Custom, Inc. now has the Linbar available for the 2018 Harley Davidson Softail models. The Linbar is made from 1 1/4'' high strength steel and is offered in 3 different finishes chrome, gloss black powder coat and flat black powder coat. The Linbar has the most comfortable foot rest placement of any highway bars. 
The retail price is $369.95 

Lindby Custom

Thursday, December 21, 2017

JIMS Piston Wrist Pin Clip Remover and Installer

JIMS Piston Wrist Pin Clip Remover and Installer

Incorrect piston clip removal can damage the piston, and incorrect installation can damage the clip. If the clip is bent or damaged it can come out while the engine is running and cause catastrophic failure. For $126.70 (MSRP) you wont have to worry about any of that as this tool (Part No. 5814) is designed exclusively for the Screamin’ Eagle 110” Engine to ensure proper wrist pin clip removal and installation. 

JIMS Milwaukee Eight Wrist Pin Remover Adaptor

The Milwaukee Eight uses different wrist pins compared to other Harley-Davidson engines. The JIMS Wrist Pin Remover Adaptor (Part No. 5805) assists the technician in easily and quickly removing the wrist pins in these new engines. We were able to save toolbox space and make it at the low cost of $69.95 (MSRP) by making it compatible with our existing wrist pin tool No.1276.

For more information contact us at  (805) 482-6913, Email at or visit

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Tour Luggage Rack For Indian

Tour Luggage Rack For Indian

Press Release: Big Bike Parts is proud to introduce its new Tour Trunk Rack for the Indian line of motorcycle trunks.  This new rack for the Indian is available in their traditional Show Chrome Accessories Chrome or Black Satin Finish.  This generous 20’’ x 12 ½’’ luggage rack easily accommodates the largest luggage bags and comes with custom tapered mounting spacers, allowing the rack to more easily conform to the curve of the trunk.  

These spacers are recessed to allow the rack to rest securely into the spacer, helping spread the load over the trunk lid to alleviate stress cracking.  Rubber washers under each spacer not only protect your bikes finish, but also assures a water tight fit.  The manufactures trunk specs should be viewed for loading limits.  Designed specifically for the Indian trunk, its mounting legs align with the OEM mounting points making it easy to upgrade if you already have an OEM rack installed.  Fits Springfield, Chieftain and Roadmaster 2014 – Newer.

Tour Trunk Luggage Rack MSRP $135.95
Chrome Part # 30-201
Black Part # 30-201BK

Big Bike Parts

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Kuryakyn Saddlebag Hinges For Indian

Kuryakyn Saddlebag Hinges For Indian

New Kuryakyn Saddlebag Hinges for Indian Motorcycle completely alter the appearance of the stock hard bags on Chieftain, Roadmaster and Springfield models. The industry’s only one-piece hinge design available for Indian hard saddlebags is constructed from durable, lightweight A380 single aluminum casting that replaces the “hockey puck”-styled hinges. Full range of motion for the lids is maintained, and features include smooth polished outer edges contrasted by a finned center panel for a clean look that complements classic Indian styling. 
Sold in pairs, Kuryakyn Saddlebag Hinges for Indian are offered in chrome or satin black with included hardware for easy bolt-on installation on all ’14-’18 Chieftain, Springfield and Roadmaster models (except Roadmaster Classic). 

• P/N 5188 – Chrome, P/N 5189 – Satin Black

Performance Machine M8 Air Cleaners

Performance Machine M8 Air Cleaners

Performance Machine’s proven line of stylish, functional air cleaners are now available for the M-8. Each of the available four PM air cleaners will fit the 2017-18 engine without sacrificing any performance or aesthetic value. Chose from Quality Chrome, Contrast Cut and Black Ops finishes (Super Gas available chrome and black ano only). 

While the Jet and Max HP air cleaners are stand outs in the line-up, our latest air cleaner was designed with a whole lot of nostalgia in mind to satisfy those vintage beating hearts out there  dubbed the Vintage, of course. With its racing inspired induction opening, milled-out center on the face and big bolt feature (matching PMs Vintage caliper), the Vintage makes a statement 

The Super Gas air cleaner was designed with comfort and performance in mind. We’ve reduced the overall height by 5/8” to provide improved knee clearance. And, of course you can still run the Universal Air Cleaner, match your faceplate to your wheels, or chose from over 20 designs to just to throw a little more custom at your scoot.

Upgrade your Milwaukee-Eight air cleaner with the one of the industrys premium, proven air cleaners from Performance Machine.
  •        Jet, Max HP, Super Gas and Vintage Air Cleaners
  •        Fits 2017-18 Milwaukee-Eight 
  •        Replaceable Performance Air Filters
  •        CNC-Machined from Billet Aluminum
  •        Internal Crankcase Breather System
  •        Retail price starting at $349.95

For more information on PM air cleaners and other premium products, visit

Polished FAT Handlebar Riser Extension Kits

Polished FAT Handlebar Riser Extension Kits

The DK Custom Products Polished FAT Handlebar Riser Extension Kits fit Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. Available in 1, 2, & 3-inch. Great for 1.25-inch- 1.5-inch diameter risers found on many Softails and Dynas. Made in the USA. Billet Aluminum that is easily polished to a Mirror Finish. Includes grade 8 bolts. Whether you're wanting a taller look, needing more clearance, or wanting more comfort in the shoulders and back, these Stealth and Fat Riser Extensions are Easy & Economical.

DK-2-SFT-RSRS-RA  $34.95 - $34.95

DK Custom Products